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MIA Incredible Startup
Asia Awards
A tribute to startups, founders and their incredible teams, Marketing In Asia brings to you the first edition of this award covering thousands of startups across Asia. Apply and get recognised under various categories for founders, company status, categories and countries. 

Marketing In Asia
MIA Incredible Awards
Brands Of Asia

A customer brand, employer brand, social brand or a growth brand - Brand building is a long and difficult process. Marketing In Asia honours companies that had been able to create a brand for themselves in each category and award the leaders who are making that happen for their companies.  

Annual Ranking - Asia

Top 100 Digital Influencers of Asia 

We create and rank the list of Top 100 Digital influencers for every country. Those who have significant online presence and fan following on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook & Instagram. 

Incredible Startups 500

Marketing In Asia will bring list of 500 Startups across Asia that are incredible and either already a successful or on the journey of becoming the next big enterprise. 

Incredible 500 Brands 

Marketing In Asia will bring list of 500 Incredible Brands of Asia that are contributing to society, economy and are becoming an example to be followed.  

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