MIA Incredible Startup
Asia Awards - 2022

Every startup has an incredible & motivating story.
It's time to get noticed!

Nominations open for Startups of all countries from Asia, Australia and New Zealand




Why should every Startup nominate

Incredible Startup Asia Awards honours the best of the best startups in Asia, annually.
Focusing on the five fundamental pillars, this prestigious award brings the Asian startup community together into a common platform, to celebrate and recognise, outstanding startups across Asia in their journey to change the world for the better. Organised by Marketing In Asia, the leading business media and marketing platform in Asia, The Incredible Startup Asia Awards is a must-participate award for startups. It is open for all startups of less than 10 years in existence from Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 

Let’s work on this together. Make this a journey in getting Asia to notice you!

Asia Startup Ecosystem, In One Place

This will be a significant moment for you. Be it as a participating startup founder, a media organisation, a corporate sponsor or an investor, the gala dinner is where you need to be. The Incredible Startup Asia Awards provides a unique platform for you to share your message with the right people and gain access to new opportunities from it. Your association with us will elevate your profile to a global level, allowing you to gain recognition and acceptance from major stakeholders in the startup ecosystem around the world. 

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If your media company is interested to cover the event at Kuala Lumpur, please register and our team will contact you soon.


Interested to know more about the promising startups looking for Investment or want to do match making, please register and we will plan everything for you. 


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It is the best chance for government to come at this large platform to support startups of their countries or check what others are doing.

Award Categories

The award is to recognize the power of grit shown by the startup founders. Despite insurmountable obstacles, these founders are able to weather them towards success.

The award is to honour strong and resilient women founders in Asia and to inspire women to take the first step of becoming an entrepreneur

The award is to recognize the fearless and united team players who just march forward to make things happen. It is to honour the unity and the bond of these team members.

The award is to honour the best and legendary services powered by the startup in making their customer experience journey a great success.

The award is to recognize true innovations by the startup in their journey to change the world for the better.

As a leading business media and marketing platform in Asia, your association with Marketing In Asia will elevate your brand’s profile in the Asian startups' community and gain recognition from the industry’s major stakeholders. From traditional outdoor branding to tailor-made activations, our partners collaborate with us to connect with people and gain global exposure. As a partner, you will enjoy the following benefits.

Award in 2 Criteria

1. Bootstrap

Bootstrap (Below 5 years)

Startups that are upto 5 years in their age with minimum one client. All funding should be from the founders or family only.

Bootstrap (5 to 10 years)

Startups that are More than 5 years with minimum 2 clients. All funding should be from founders or family or as a debt from financial institutions. 

2. Funded

Funded (Below 5 Years)

Startups that are upto 5 years in their age with at-least one round of funding including seed funding. 

Funded (5 to 10 years)

Startups that are beyond 5 years in their age with at-least one round of funding beyond seed funding.

5 Fundamental Pillars

Innovative Ideas

It refers to your idea’s originality and its innovativeness from the design stage right up to the commercialisation. Your story should point out the innovation done at any stage.

Value Proposition

It refers to why people buy your product or service and feel it is relevant to their life. This value makes them stick to you and even recommend you to their circle of trust. Tell your story along with customer testimonials to make your story powerful.

Brand Visibility

It refers to your marketing strategy and execution. Tell your story about the level of your brand’s exposure and how you are planning to get your brand known.

Great Team

It refers to your fabulous, well-bonded team members whom you trust to bring the brand to success. Tell a story about them, about their contribution, the culture, the bonding, and the milestones achieved as a team.

Winning Against All Odds

It refers to the power of grit shown by the founders in making their startup journey a success. Only a handful emerge as winners. Let your story bring out the emotions clearly about the challenges and how you’ve overcome them.


  • 01.
    Pre Qualification
  • 02.
    Nomination Open

        All Startup companies will have to register their company in SIA/Award Portal.
        Login must be created by the representative of the startup company on the portal as stage 2.
        Award Application to be filled up as per the given form.

  • 03.
    Documents Submission
  • 04.
    Fisrt Screening

        The Award committee will call the founders and authenticate.
        Vidate the corporate presence and do some relevant inquiries.

  • 05.
    Short Inteview
  • 06.
    Jury Discussion

        The jury will sit down and decide on the winners' selection.
        Readers will give their votes on our platform.

  • 07.
    MIA Netwoking

        MIA will host exciting networking events to assist you to expand your network and promote your business on a bigger scale.

  • 08.
    Event Preparation
  • 09.
    Event Ceremony

        A prestigious gala dinner in Kuala Lumpur.
        Malaysia Celebration evening, announcing winners in each category.
        Activities during the Kuala Lumpur visit.

  • 10.
    Post Award Programs

        Incredible Start-up Stories Forum, to be covered exclusively by Marketing In Asia.
        Seeds and Seedling Incubating, to be held during the networking session.
        A Race Called Life, to be held during the networking session.

+6016 787 7441
Unit-18/08, Tower B, The Vertical Business Suites, Jalan Kerinchi, W.P KL, 59200 Malaysia

Application Process

Incredible Startup Asia Awards application is a three step Process 


Create Your Company Account

'Apply Now' button will take you to a form where you need to register your company with complete details as asked. We must know about your company, business and your founders first.

Create Admin Account

Once your company is registered, create a login of the person who will submit the stories. You can create more than one user account for the registered company. Users can even submit articles on Startup edition of MIA apart from submitting their award nominations.

Submit Story

Final step is about submitting your story in all five sections. Thereafter, upload your word/ PDF file by combining all your five stories in one file. Ideally, upload your pitch deck as well. Your story can be updated till the last day of application ie. 25th June 2022.

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